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Our Approach

At Studio 6 we look at life a little differently. Our rose colored glasses have gotten a few scratches on them over the years, but that's okay, we still slip them on each day. Through it all we still believe that relationships are more important than any financial bottom line…relationships are the bottom line. We strive to provide great service, completing each project on time, leaving each client with the confidence to hire us the next time they are in need.

Our Founder's Story

Lori Roach was raised in Elgin, Oregon, where family is celebrated and the roots of friendship grow deep.

Lori received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Eastern Oregon University and is an avid entrepreneur. As the CEO of Studio 6 Designworks, Lori created Northeast Oregon Business News and The Gorge Business News, two local newspapers that were published by-monthly and were distributed throughout 10 counties in the state.

As the Umatilla Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Lori was able to guide her board and members during a pivotal transitioning time and helped them to gain funding for, not only the daily operations of the chamber, but also for a destination marketing plan for Umatilla, which will be implemented in 2018 - 2019.

Lori recently moved back to Oregon from Tulsa, Oklahoma where she spent a few months getting to know the area and expanding on her construction and real estate photography business. Lori is now back in Portland where she is putting her business, networking, photography and love of food, factories, restaurants and construction to good use as she expands on her photography business back in her home state.  There is always a new restaurant to try, a new factory or business to explore and the quality of the construction is inspiring. She is beyond excited to document this exciting time in Washington and Oregon's history.

Photography, entrepreneurship, travel, the state of Oregon, and telling the tales of the Pacific Northwest are where much of Lori’s passion lies. Lori’s knowledge of what to see and do in Oregon has helped many travelers and explorers along the way. As an influencer Lori will continue to document many of the great places across the state. Be sure to follow her on Instagram to see where it is she is currently exploring......When Lori is not working for a client, fulfilling their photo needs, she and her husband Rick are exploring the Columbia River Gorge finding great stories to fill the pages of The Gorge Business News with great articles about interesting people and businesses.